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Test to Release in Sheffield

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Test to Release in Sheffield

End your isolation early with Test to Release in Sheffield


Whether you are going on a business trip, or visiting family, you can cut your isolation short with Test to Release in Sheffield when you return.

Covid has had a monumental impact on the travel industry. In 2020, millions of people were forced to cancel their travel plans globally. However, things are looking brighter, and travel is being reintroduced. We now have greater control over the spread of the virus; this is all thanks to testing schemes such as this one.

It is now mandatory to isolate for 10 days when you return to the UK following international travel. We’ve partnered with Medicspot to offer you the certification you need. Their Test to Release Test in Sheffield offers you the opportunity to get your results within 24 hours of the lab receiving your sample. This ensures that you don’t have to isolate for any longer than necessary.


What is Test to Release?


Government guidelines state that if you are travelling to England from outside the Common Travel area, you must quarantine for 10 days. In order to leave quarantine, you are required to isolate for the full 10 days. A negative result is compulsory in order to leave isolation. However, Test to Release offers you the opportunity to pay for a private Covid test, 5 full days after your return from abroad.



test to release in Sheffield



What happens if my test is negative?


If your test is negative, you will be able to leave your chosen quarantine location. However, you are still required to take your day 8 test, which you can also book through Medicspot. Following your negative result, you should still self-isolate if:


– You are due to go into hospital

– Someone you are living with tests positive

– You have been traced as a contact of someone who tested positive

– You begin displaying Covid symptoms (in this case, you should get an NHS test and self-isolate whilst awaiting the results)


What happens if my test is positive?


However, if your test comes back positive, you are required to isolate for 10 additional days. This should be calculated from the day that you took the test, or from when you started displaying symptoms, whichever came first. Moreover, if you are staying or living with anyone in the UK, they are also required to isolate for 10 days from this date. This also extends to people you are travelling with. Following this, you must not travel, including travel outside of the UK, during your self-isolation period.

Further guidance regarding self-isolation can be found on the Government website.


What if my test result is inconclusive?


Essentially, an inconclusive test result means that it has not been possible to determine whether or not you had the virus at the time of testing. Therefore, you are legally obligated to continue isolating until the mandatory 10 day period is complete, unless you order another test.



test to release in Sheffield



Who can take advantage of Test to Release in Sheffield?


The Test To Release Scheme can only be used by those returning from countries that are deemed “Red List” countries. Red List countries denote those that are currently labelled as banned travel destinations by the Government. The list is updated constantly in order to maintain control over any emerging variants and strains of Covid.

Please Note: Test to Release does not apply within Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you are returning to these destinations from abroad, you are required to follow local guidance regarding self-isolation.


When can I pick up/ take my Test to Release in Sheffield?


You are only permitted to pick up or carry out your test on, or after, your fifth full day of isolation. If you live in England, you will be permitted to travel to your chosen Covid-19 testing facility, providing that 5 days have passed since your return from a non-Red List country. It is advised that you do not use public transport to travel to a Covid-19 test centre. However, it is not currently illegal to do so.



test to release in Sheffield



Our 5 easy steps for Test to Release in Sheffield?


Step one:


Book in for your Government-approved test with Medicspot.


Step two:


Choose to opt into the Test to Release Scheme on the Government’s Passenger Locator Form


Step three:


Pick up your test, or be tested at one of their nationwide testing hubs.


Step four:


Get your results the very next day.


Step 5:


End your isolation early, following a negative test result.



Please Note: You are required to book an individual test for each person using the scheme, including children.


This site is an affiliate for Medicspot; we are helping people to travel safely and quickly every day. Don’t get caught out – register for your Test to Release Test and cut your isolation in half today.





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